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  1. Susanne’s photos are great! Love this one. I wonder about the story behind this beauty.

  2. judith ellis says:

    Rhi – What a lovely site! Thank you for sharing and asking others to do so. I will visit more often than not. I too am a lover of music and have been a performer since adolescence, though I only do so now a few times of years. All the very best to you today and every day. By the way, I love the name of your blog!

  3. Susanne49 says:

    Oh, what a surprise to see my photograph on your site and by the way, I like the title! Thank you very much for supporting my Switzerland-Blog, very much appreciated.

    To answer the question from Linda: I don’t know any “story” behind this photo. It’s a a capture from a little village on the way to Italy along the San-Bernardino-Pass road, in the South of Switzerland. People there are already speaking Italian language and it’s maybe only another 2 hour drive to the Italian border. And it’s a beautiful part of our country!

  4. the Faerykin says:

    Hello, thanks for adding my blog to your follow list. You have beautiful pictures here. Pictures “bring” far-off places to us.

  5. I think I dreamed of living there once in an earlier lifetime!. Thanks Susanne!

  6. Rhi says:

    Thanks Psyche. I love this picture.

    Judith, I’m so glad you visited. Please continue to do so. What kind of music do you perform? Also, I’m glad you like the name of my blog… I’m deathly allergic to peanut butter, and when trying to come up with an original, unique name… Peanut Butter Bound just kind of popped in my mind!

    Susanne, thanks again for letting me use this picture. It is absolutely gorgeous. I hope I can see it one day!

    Faerykin, I’m so glad you visited. And I really like your blog.

  7. Jesse Mendez says:

    Excellent photography, and the haze reminds me of Modesto.


  8. I love this photo. It looks a lot like some places I have been in in the US, so it’s actually funny to hear that it’s the San Bernardino Valley in Switzerland (as opposed to the one in California, which is entirely different). Very nice!

  9. Rhi says:

    Thank you Jesse, I love the haze in it.

    And Ezekiel the first time I saw this photo I thought it funny that they were so completely different too. Pretty cool thought. =)

  10. Christina says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have some awesome pictures here and I will continue to visit!

  11. Very lovely blog. I have traveled and will share my photos

  12. A'Jay says:

    Thats beautiful Rhi…id love to ride a horse through there

  13. Rhi says:

    Thank you Robin and Christina.

    And good to hear from you A’Jay, I haven’t been able to get to your blog recently.. :(

  14. judith ellis says:

    Rhi – I am a trained opera singer and later jazz performer. I have been performing since the age of 10. I do a couple of concerts a year, but have been in business now for 12 years or so. I have traveled and lived in various places in the world, but I have to inform you that I have never taken pictures. My mother would tell me to take pictures but I always wanted to rely on my images and when they faded, well, they will have faded. I still travel and perhaps I will now buy a camera. Then, I will share my photos with you. Sharing is lovely. Thank you.

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