6 Responses to Sunlight through the Mountains

  1. Hi Rhi,normally I’d be happy to send you any photography that I had however I’ve reworked all my photos in Photoshop without keeping the originals.If you go to http://www.australianhistoryparty.com/marquisdeart.htm
    you can enlarge any of the Australian landscapes I have done and right click the image and select ‘save’.I hope that helps,thanks Tom Australia

  2. Hi Rhi,no problem and yes I would like you to quote my name and blog with the picture if possible…Thanks Tom Hardy Australa

  3. jiggins says:

    Beauty. I live in the desert so images like this are great to see. Thanks.

  4. Rhi says:

    This is one of my favorite photos I have ever taken, and it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.

  5. I love the look ok this photo…and the feel!
    Love Linda

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