Bangkok, Thailand
February 2008
Photo by: Matt
Matt’s Blog

Although this is not your typical “Western’s ride off into the sunset,” in a way I think it still has the same effect. Matt has been all over the place, and picking one particular picture was very difficult. I ended up just picking a place, and picking a picture. This is one that stood out. It’s obviously not of any famous or historical monument, festival, or any other spectacular thing. It’s about life. Perhaps that is why I loved it. I hope you will too. Thanks again to Matt for letting me post this for the world to see. =)

10 Responses to Riding off into the Sunset

  1. Susanne49 says:

    Hi Rhi,

    I love to see new faces on my blog, very nice to meet you! Thank you very much for the lovely comment there. Come back anytime, I always have a cup of coffee for my visitors ready :)

    I like your idea to post about other bloggers and to promote their pictures.


  2. Susanne49 says:

    That’s very nice of you, Rhi! Of course you can post one or two of those photos. I’m happy and proud about that, thank you very much in advance! :)

  3. Great Job! I love Matt’s blog and was glad to see his photo~
    Love Linda

  4. Hello! I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your blog friendship and to express my appreciation for the sharing you don on your blog. I set up two awards for you on my blog. The first one is called “Uber Amazing Blog” and the second one is the “Kreativ Blogger” award. Please feel free to also pass them along to any blogger friends you may have or to simply display them on your blog like I hope you will do. Please click here to get you there quick.

  5. Cairo Typ0 says:

    Lovely photo. I think the real miracle is that the photographer found one of those rare moments when there was no traffic on the roads in Bangkok. LOL Great shot! :)

  6. Adora says:

    Hey Rhi,
    In response to your comment on my blog, it’s not TOO cold in LA, but I’d say it was about 58-59F last night… That’s about average in my part of town…

  7. Charli says:

    Thanks for reminding me of the rest of the world, Rhi! (And thanks Matt!)

  8. Rhi says:

    Susanne, thank you so very much! I will let you know when I do.

    Psyche, thank you, oh so much for the awards! I will put them up very soon.

    Cairo, I’m so glad you stopped by. I hope one day soon I can see Bangkok for myself.

    Adora, I’m truly jealous. It got down to nineteen degrees in November. I’d kill for it to be almost sixty at night.

    And Charli and Jacqueline Michelle I’m so glad you like it. I love Matt’s pictures, it was so hard just picking one… but I think this one is great.

  9. A'Jay says:

    I loved the photo…Thailand is in a bit of trouble at the moment and many Australians have been trapped their, but they are a beautiful people and I hope the unrest settles soon…great shot…

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