The above picture sums it up pretty well. Since I was very young, it had always been a dream of mine to visit Paris. Seeing the Eiffel Tower was, in my mind, one of the coolest things I could ever do. The older I became, the more I wanted to visit France and see not only the iconic symbol but also the city it towered over. After arriving in London, I made preparations to finally make my way to France. The closer the time came to my visit, the more I hoped I would not be disappointed. Too many times in life, the way we perceive things to be as a child either turn out entirely different or seem to be a let-down. I am so incredibly happy to say that Paris was neither. I don’t know how or why one could or would be completely in love with a city when they’ve never been there, but I was. Perhaps it was simply a dream, perhaps it was an escape in my mind, perhaps I knew the journey would be the start of something amazing. But, nonetheless, I left Paris even more in love with the city and the idea of Paris than before. My stay was extremely short, but I was given a phenomenal tour by Peter, who is not only a Parisian resident, but someone I am happy to call a friend. Below are a few snapshots taken during my visit to the city of lights.


notre dame.

inside the cathedral.

a random piano. in a bookstore. in paris. of course it had to be played.

snails. i ate them. me. i ate snails. and they were actually pretty good.

there she is.

the arc.

the louvre.


6 Responses to Part II of II: Paris

  1. Peter says:

    Yes, it was a short visit! Nice to see that you appreciated. … and I appreciated very much your company and your enthusiasm! (I think I’m responsible for one of the photos!) :-)
    Hope to see you here one day for a longer visit!

  2. Sy's Prints says:

    the last shot is stunning!

  3. Is Such a Baeautiful Place,,

  4. bhaskaran says:

    Ur photos are really a beauty.umm…m nt short of photographer but always wanted to see pictures of roads in a artistic,vd vividness in it.hope u can do dat.if nt just ignore my comment.

  5. Beatuiful pics and captions.
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  6. Steve E says:

    The BEST way to vist and ‘see’ any city of dreams…is to be guided by/with a friend!

    You photos speak aloud of your love for your Parisian visit.

    PEACE! (Until next time…stay longer!)


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