My fellow bloggers, colleagues, friends, and family. Pictures are finally here. Although there were a few thousand taken, I managed to slim the “must-sees” to a fraction of that. I’ve haven’t even been home a week, and Europe already feels a lifetime away. It’s amazing how easy it is to slip back into the everyday routines of life. Eight hours after I landed in Nashville, I was sitting in class, extremely sad to get back to reality, but ecstatic to start my final semester. But I’ll hush about North America and get back to London.
There are a few myths about London, the main one being that it always rains. It does not always rain; it does, however, almost constantly mist. There are a few things you hear that are true though. For instance, the dollar sucks in comparison to the pound (and the euro for that matter) and some banks charge as much as five bucks for every international transaction… in case you’re wondering, my bank would be one of them, and I was not aware of that small detail until after I had already got back home. English tea is everything it is cracked up to be. Brits don’t seem to be much for “small-talk” with people whom they don’t really know, but they are extremely nice and helpful if you’re in a bind or need directions. Pubs, bars, and clubs don’t ask for id, for anyone… big change from the US. There is no ice given unless specifically requested, and lemons are put in sodas. They will also look at you like you’re crazy if you ask for a refill or if you ask for the check instead of the bill. They also get upset if you ask for the bill to be split. Menus are posted outside almost all restaurants, and tax is included in all listed prices, so what you see is what you pay. London is full of people from all around the world, it has any and every kind of food you could ever want or imagine, it’s an amazing place to go for the theater, and I could sit and listen to Brits talk all day.


Welcome. Welcome to London. My home away from home.

Buckingham Palace.

Fish and chips!


The Bath Abbey.

The Roman Baths.

The city of Bath.

Tower Bridge.
The Tower of London.

Queen Anne Boleyn’s memorial.

Starla, a girl I met in London, and I.

The Bank of England.


Warwick Castle.


An ungodly amount of stairs.

Let the sun shine.

The post.
St. James Cathedral.

Millennium Bridge.
Platform 9 3/4.

Fuller’s Brewery.

St. Martins Lane (Diagon Alley).


Big Ben and Parliament.

Westminster Abbey.
The London Eye.


We represented America well.

I’ll never be able to make anyone understand exactly what London was like. It was unique, phenomenal, historical, full of diversity, and bustling with life. It was unlike any place I have ever experienced and I have such an urge to go back. I could talk all night but I won’t drone on. Hope you enjoyed the pictures; Paris will come soon.

7 Responses to Part I of II: London

  1. Mo says:

    London does get under your skin. I came not expecting to like it at all, but now I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

  2. Peter says:

    London really is ONE of the top cities! :-)
    Nice way of showing a nice selection of photos (not only from London)!

  3. Steve E says:

    Yesss! Rhi, I enjoyed these few photos immensely! Especially the one where you and your girl friend behaved like the ‘typical American tourist’.

    I realize that the whole world has GREAT opinion about Americans–grin!
    We LOVE war, and love to ‘party’.
    Guess that’s about it–oh yeah, every home has a printing press for making money!

    PEACE, girl

    I’m putting you on my blog-roll so I can follow, OK?

  4. Merle says:

    Hi Rhi ~~ I enjoyed your post about your
    visit to London and the photos and your
    presentation was all great. Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks for your kind words about always getting a chuckle from my jokes and also my family photo. Thanks my friend.
    Take care, Love, Merle.

  5. I’ve been to London too, and the pictures brought back some great memories! It is a big damp, eh? Did you make it to the countryside? To Stonehenge? Enjoyed visiting again with you!
    In everything, give thanks,

  6. Annie says:

    Like yout blog! (: Hope you don’t mind that I started to follow you!

  7. Peter says:

    Time for the following episodes! :-)


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