“Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Limerick was the first city mom and I set out to explore. Why Limerick? Mostly, to have my camera cleaned. I know, that sounds crazy. However, last year when I needed my sensor cleaned, Whelan Cameras took on the task and did an excellent job. So when dust got inside my camera again this year, it seemed imperative to take a trip to them.  In the US, you have to mail your camera to either New Jersey or Virginia and turnaround is a few weeks. I’ve found that it’s pretty much the same in Ireland, except they send it to England. As you can probably imagine, the price tag isn’t a cheap one. So a huge, huge shout-out to Whelan Cameras for cleaning my camera in forty minutes for the ripe price of 25 Euro.Whelan Cameras

Getting to Limerick was a bit of a challenge. We finally made it on Wednesday after an unsuccessful try on Tuesday. Since mom had never done it, I insisted we try our hand at hitchhiking. We headed out towards Blackpool, which is north of Cork, and held up our ‘Limerick’ sign. Within five minutes we had a ride from a man named Joe Harris. We soon learned that he had just been elected councillor the previous day. What are the odds? He dropped us off in Mallow, a town about a third of the way to our destination. Of course we snapped some photos, exchanged info and both went on our merry way… except we couldn’t find another ride to Limerick or back to Cork. An hour and a half later, lucky for us, Joe fetched us yet again and took us back to where we started. Mom and I settled for a coffee and caught the bus the following day.


Since Limerick was the first city I somehow landed in during my first two weeks living in Ireland last year, I knew my way around a good bit. Mom and I spent the day roaming around and enjoying the rare, beautiful weather. Since I’m a bit of a picture maniac, there are dozens more in the Photo Album that you can see here. In the meantime, here are the highlights. :)

LimerickLimerick ILimerick IIKing Johns CastleLimerick IVMom and I


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