The Eiffel Tower
Paris, France
Photo by: Peter
Peter’s Blog

My mother’s family was orginally from France and ever since I was a little girl I wanted to go. However, that’s not the only reason I always wanted to visit; I’m fascinated by the architecture, the culture, the history, the language, everything. I even took French in high school, but must admit, now I remember very little of it. Of all the places in the world I want to go and all the things I want to see, the Eiffel Tower is at the top of that list. Maybe it’s because of how it originated; maybe it’s because it’s a global icon; maybe it’s just because it’s the Eiffel Tower. Anyhow, I want to travel, but I feel my life will not be complete until I see that one structure. I will see that place at least once in my life. But enough rantings of this abnormal eighteen year old. Many, many thanks to Peter for letting me use his photos. Hope you enjoy.

10 Responses to L’icône globale de la France

  1. Rhi! Beautiful!. I was a bit in awe of this post!. My mother took french for 2 or 3 years and was relatively fluent in that language. Pat C, my photographer friend also speaks the language., One of my life long dreams has been to visit Paris and the Moulin Rouge.

  2. I'm Kate... says:

    Great pic! I had a chance to see the Eiffel Tower about 8 years ago – but during the day. Although it was still an amazing site, I wanted to see it at night when its all lit up beautifully! I know you’ll get to go see it! I cant wait to read your blog when YOU are posting the photos that YOU’VE taken! :) Kate

  3. I'm Kate... says:

    By the way, when you DO visit Paris, make sure you visit the Sacre Coeur Basillica (Sacred Heart). Its amazing inside and out.

  4. koala says:

    Girl You need an eurotrip and when You do visit the old continent You’ve got a couch in Poland.

  5. I love the photo. Thanks to Linda for referring me to your blog. I think it’s great that you are a pianist (assuming so from your photos). I am also, though in my case I teach these days. I like all of your blog’s interesting photos!

  6. It’s a lovely photo of a fabulous monument. You WILL get to see it!

  7. Abbey says:

    Hi Rhi, I need you to email me at so I can send you the link to my site…

    I love the eifell tower, it says romance to me

  8. Charli says:

    This is gorgeous!! The first time I ever saw the Eiffel Tower it was in January of the year 2000. “2000” was lit up proudly across the tower. It was beautiful. I’ll never forget it! Thanks for the pics!

  9. Rhi says:

    Oh I bet it was beautiful! And thanks for stopping by! =)

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