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Things have definitely been a bit crazy here lately. Along with school starting and getting a weekend teaching job, my car finally bit the dust.

Grover (don’t ask), my thirteen year old Camry, finally died. Toyota’s go forever, they really do. But one problem they had with the ninety’s models was oil leaks. Grover, like many other Camry’s, developed a small oil leak back in 2000. As annoying as it was, as long as the oil was checked (and added if needed) every morning, the car was still perfectly fine. However, Grover has lived in the garage until I moved away to school.

After an eight degree night, I went to check the oil and it was completely empty. Now at 262,256 miles, Grover wont hold oil at all. Now the time has come for the joyous task of car hunting. But, I suppose it could always be worse… at least Grover didn’t float away. =)

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  2. Sometimes Toyotas are worth reviving? Loive the photo. Good Luck

  3. steveroni says:

    Maybe grover shold have floated, “he died painlessly in his sleep.”

    Who will EVER know if it was “painless”. Not ME.

    Hey rhia, drop me a line about what kind of music you have on your mind. What do you play? Schooling? Degree? No this is not a job interview!
    Steve E.

  4. Rhi says:

    Grover is definitely worth reviving. =) Hopefully he can come back to life…

  5. Hang in there Grover….we are sending you healing thoughts and prayers and calling in the car docs.
    Love you

  6. Great Post! This history is so funny!
    opsssssss! I mean…please accept my condolences for Grover`s decease.
    :-) Léia

  7. Christina says:

    LOL – rest in peace Grover. Happy car hunting!!!

  8. SE says:

    I own a 1990s Corolla and it too has the oil leak problem (is this true of all Toyota models from that decade?). I have to check the oil every few days and add some when it’s down (my trunk always contains at least two quarts of oil for this purpose). At least I’ve only got 140,000 miles on my Toyota. If Grover sets the standard for oil leaking Toyotas, I’ve still got 120,000 miles to go!

  9. Indigo says:

    It sounds like you got alot of mileage out of Grover. I wish you luck finding another long lasting car dear one! (Hugs)Indigo

  10. amaranthyne says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. the Faerykin says:

    You also give a name to your car? LOL My car has a name too :) Sorry to hear about your car. I hope you’ll find a new car you’ll be happy with. Btw, what happened to the car in the picture?

  12. Grover may me in a resting stage regathering his str3ength…for surgery??
    Love Linda

  13. Peter says:

    Grover! You told us not to ask, which makes me curious! So why
    Grover ? :-)

  14. Laura says:

    I promise to include Grover in my tonight’s prayers! :) They grow up so fast.

    My first car (A Volkswagon cabriolet) just died in the middle of the freeway once. It just gave up and died on me. The mechanic asked when was the last time that oil was put in.

    “Oil!” I said :)

  15. George says:

    This is sad story for Grover’s demise maybe he will relive a new life as something that doesn’t leak.

    Good luck in Grover’s replacement…

  16. Miss Anne says:

    Godspeed Grover.

    ty for being my newest follower!

    :) so nice to see you on my blog!


  17. WONDERFUL COMMENT Laura. It made my night!

  18. Heather says:

    awww bummer you have to say goodbye to a car, and go through the hassle of finding a new one.

    i’ve been there. three times.

    i hope you find the car of your DREAMS now. with no leaks.

    ps: i’ve moved, so you may want to update your reader!


  19. mighty jo says:

    my condolences! last winter i was rear-ended on an icy backroad. my beloved toyota echo (boogie) was killed instantly. i am still grieving her. i planned to teach my babies to drive in her!!

  20. Oh no! Godspeed to Grover… here’s hoping your horseless carriage recovers from its ills. One way or another.

  21. Prince NaKi says:

    hello rhi, how are you?

  22. George says:

    Hi Rhi. I would like to present you the Lemonade award, drop by mine to pick up your much-deserved award.

  23. best wishes for your car hunting..

  24. Queenneenee says:

    Hello Rhi, I saw you as a new follower of mine. Its lovely to have you in my castle! I read a few of your posts, I will be back for sure. I like to go allllll the way back and get to know everyone from their first blog on. OK, well maybe I need to get a life…just kidding.

  25. I think Queenneenee is a hoot. Love her comments.!!

    As for Groover

    I am doing some healing and color sound and vibration exercises in his life hope the humans in charge are able to go forward with the transformational process!!

  26. Nidhi says:

    A gal being so closed to car?? never heard or seen!!!
    I got my new Aveo Shevrollet n m loving it (sorry m bad with spellings)
    i miss my old cycle i use to ride to go to school.. :(

  27. koala says:

    What’s up? Where you’ve been hiding?

  28. Cairo Typ0 says:

    Saying goodbye to a good car is always tough. :(

  29. Well Grover…Hope all is ok with you whereever you are!!
    Please check out the most recent post at Psyche Connections. There is a much deserved bloggers award awaiting there for you

  30. Eric says:

    I remember my first Toyota Camry in 1990 and it’s still being used by my son sometimes. I must say that it’s still in good shape after all these years. And after talking to several Santa Ana used car dealers, we finally found this 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid 4dr Sdn for less than $18,000 which was offered to us by a used car dealer (Orange County-area by the way). I’ll just wait for my next pay check and we’ll have it in no time. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts about a Toyota car.

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