Monastir, Tunisia
August 2008
Photo by: Koala
Koala’s Blog

Before receiving this photo, I had never even heard of Tunisia. For those of you who are in the dark, as I was, here is a bit of information on this country. Tunisia is officially the Tunisian Republic, and it the northernmost country in North Africa. Algeria borders it to the west, and Libya to the southeast. Around forty percent of the country is composed of the Sahara desert.

5 Responses to Beauty Among the Sand

  1. Love this photo…I like the way you have aranged your blog. It is easy to read and all the photos have been great!!!!

  2. lili11 says:

    Wow… this blog will make up for all those great places I can’t visit. I love travelling but since mine is the shoe-string budget, I only travel locally. Maybe I’ll send u photos of my up-coming holiday in Langkawi Island, Malaysia (end of Nov).

  3. I'm Kate... says:

    Hi! Cute blog :) I’m also ((sort of))from TN, recently dumped the music biz for a simpler (and more affordable and stable) life, and migrated to Mississippi with my hubby and baby boy. I love music as well, traveling and B&W photography! Good luck with everything, and I hope that you have a chance to visit all the wonderful places you’ve ever dreamed. My big traveling days are over (I think….but I dream that they aren’t!), now that I’m more ‘settled down’ but I’ve been to some amazingly beautiful places. There’s nothing like seeing the world, so DO SO if you can!

    Be blessed!

  4. What brilliant photos you have here.

  5. Rhi says:

    Lili, photos from Malaysia would be great!!! =)

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