Backpacking Through Europe.

I’m Rhi! For anyone wondering, that’s short for Rhiannon. After going to Wales, I discovered that Rhi means king (Rhiannon means queen). As you can probably imagine, that’s a bit of a bummer for a nickname, but it’s mine all the same.

Originally from a small town in Tennessee, I enjoy moving around a lot rather than staying in one place too long. Truly Southern at heart, I like the smell of freshly cut grass and the sound of the wind rustling through the trees. I am in love with country music and cowboy boots, both of which make me stick out while I’m frolicking around the world. Although I have deep roots in the South, my journey from place to place makes for an amazing adventure. Traveling the world, seeing the sights, experiencing different cultures, trying new cuisines, taking pictures and making memories are the things I am most passionate about. You only live once, and I am making the most of it. Oh, and I’m deathly allergic to peanut butter, which is how this lovely site obtained its name.

I didn’t travel too much growing up, but I always dreamed of globe-trotting.  A few short weeks before I turned eighteen I had the opportunity to go to Alaska.  That was all it took – the travel bug bit me and I haven’t stop wandering since.  However, traveling while in school was not the easiest.  When I was twenty I decided to study abroad so I could see more of the world while at university; I packed my bags and moved to London.  After graduating with my MBA when I was twenty-one, I decided a 9 – 5 job wasn’t for me after all (I know, I really should have picked another field of study other than Business).  I traveled around the United States for a bit and the following year decided to move to Ireland.  I wrapped up living in Ireland with a six-week backpack tour through Europe. After getting back into the US, I got stir-crazy and caught a one-way flight to Central America. While there, I was able to add five additional countries to my list. My grand total is now the same number as my age: twenty-four. I just crash landed back into the US, which brings us to present day.  I am bouncing around across the US, traveling as much as possible and sharing the journey with you!


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